In this blog post I’m going to be briefly talking about a youth and young adults conference I went to last weekend. To say the very least, it was absolutely amazing! (Click the link at the bottom of the post to find out more.)

The fantastic Tim Biasetto, youth pastor at Shirelive church, came to speak at Winterfest last weekend. He has an incredible gift of communication and was a huge blessing to everyone who attended Winterfest.

I attended the youth stream on Saturday morning, which was simply a time that the youth came together to worship, hear preaching and ask any questions about Christianity. Tim Biasetto was preaching at the youth stream, and one of the most eloquent parts in his preaching that especially stood out to me was about chasing God. There are quite a variety of things that fall under the subject of chasing God, but I specifically tuned in to when Tim was talking about the importance of getting to as many Christian events as you possibly can. God re-instilled in my heart a fresh importance of getting to as many conferences, youth services, youth events and church services as you can possibly fit into your diary.

I feel so strongly about this because all of these different events are opportunities for more growth, more knowledge and more devotedness to find out everything that our Heavenly Father has to offer us. When you have a person in your life that you truly love, you take all the chances you can get to spend time with them, learn more about them, and experience a closer relationship with them. If we start taking these opportunities up now, imagine what we’ll be like when we’re adults! We’ll be like a whole bunch of walking bibles! Also, the rewards that come spiritually are magnificent. Just like it says in Matt 6:33, when you seek the kingdom of God above all else, He will provide for everything you need.

I could write a book about everything God did this weekend at Winterfest, but I think I’ll just keep it to this for today. If you’d like to hear more on a particular subject, for example, Spiritual gifts, prayer, more on leadership, or maybe even extra info about Winterfest or other youth conferences, give me a holla in the comments below and I’d be happy to write a post based on what you’ve said!

To learn more about Winterfest, check out http://www.winterfest2013.com/about/ to find out more.
Winterfest will be on again in 2014 at Discovery church, Mount Evelyn, so if you’re interested in attending, dates will be posted closer to the date through Little Big Movement’s twitter page (link on the bottom left). See you there!


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