Day 9 – 21 day fast

Monday 18/6

I’m so sorry I’ve missed so many posts to all who have been following me on this 21 day journey! I thought I would be getting more time without social media, but it seems that end-of-term-craziness has begun and homework has taken over. Because I’ve missed so many days, I’ll just talk about today and the next coming days instead of going over all of the days I’ve missed.

How I’m feeling…

I’m starting to really get used to not having Facebook, and I’m starting to see the real benefits of being without social media for a period of time. Although I still need to focus on the same areas of persistence that I covered on day 2 of the fast, it’s becoming more and more easy to let go of social media, and let god fill the extra space.

How the Holy Spirit has moved…

The peace of the Holy Spirit has been sufficiently relevant for me today. Peace is something that I need majorly at the moment because of insane end of term madness. There have been times today particularly that I have really been feeling the pressure and stress of deadlines, finding time for everything, ect. and have really needed some of God’s wonderful peace. I’mJohn 14 verse 27 feeling completely calm now at the end of the day, and I’m ready for a peaceful nights sleep.

What God has revealed…

God has revealed to me today the importance of keeping in mind the words and actions you use on an everyday basis, particularly when there are other people around you that may look up to you, and also about forming healthy habits in the way you act and speak that can influence your close friends. This is a subject that I’d love to write a full post on, because I belive it’s a very important subject that as young leaders we must address.

How this can apply to us teens…

As it’s the end of term, I’m sure all teenagers are feeling at least a little bit of pressure or stress to get all of your assignments in on time. Remembering that God says “cast all your anxiety upon Him” is something that we can focus on in times like this, and along with hard work in your school and outside of school activties, remembering that God offers us His relentless love and peace to us is both things we can focus on in these busy times.
As teens in a society where Yolo is used as an excuse to do everything and people are caring less and less about how they carry ourselves (just have a look at some of the “outfits” people wear to Wal-Mart to understand what I’m talking about..), it can be easy to start forming unhelpful habits. Now I’m not saying that you would start to go out wearing florescent green lycra bodysuits with brown hiking boots (referring to some outfits seen at Wal-Mart), but we just need to keep in mind the way we conduct on an attitude, action, and speaking level. Believe it or not, I can assure you that there is most probably at least one younger child, a friend or peer at school that looks up to you. Be a role model for them.


One thought on “Day 9 – 21 day fast

  1. Really enjoying you’re blog Tammy, it’s interesting to read about your fast and what God has been revealing and showing you. I like how you have a section about how what you’ve learned applys to us teenagers.

    I’m really proud of you 🙂 xx

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