Day 2 – 21 day fast

Monday 10/06

How I’m feeling…

I’m specifically focussing on persistance for now in two main areas; 1. I’m starting to feel more and more committed to not going on facebook which I need to persist in, and 2. I feel I need to focus on persisting in making sulet-go-and-let-godre I’m doing the fast for God and not for myself.

How the Holy Spirit has moved…

This morning I was chatting with God and I was finding it really hard to not think about social media. I started scrolling through the photos on my phone, and I stumbled across this photo that I had screen shot a little while ago. Although it may sound like a little thing, I tottally needed a reminder of that message “Let go and let God” at that point in time. I’m letting go of social media, and letting God take over that space.

What God has revealed…

I’ve been begining to see different ways that I can fill my spare time that I would ussually spend on facebook.  My love language is acts of service, and today I have been able to further that love language by helping someone else out. Today I was scrubbing, dusting, and wiping down my entire bathroom, which was a massive load off for Mum. Not only was it a brilliant way to get my mind off facebook and instagram, but it is so much more fulfilling than flicking through my news feed knowing that I’m helping someone else out.

How this can apply to us teens…

I’m starting to see a pattern forming in when I’m most weak to craving social media. I’ve noticed that they’re mostly in the times that I would ussually spend my time on facebook (when I first wake up, while I’m watching TV, after I’ve finished doing chores and before I go to bed). Being able to detect those times in a fast that you’re most weak can be a huge bonus because you can more easily find ways to replace these times of craving with something that glorifies God. For example, going for a quick prayer walk in the morning instead of lying in bed, doing something to help someone else during the day instead of checking up on your news feed and reading the bible before you go to sleep.


One thought on “Day 2 – 21 day fast

  1. I am so incredibly proud and inspired right now! I am loving following you on this journey babe! God will teach you so much in this season, and I am way too excited to see it & hear all about it when I get home! x

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