Hayley’s Journey

A summary of Ezekiel 34 by unknown writer- But God’s faithfulness to his covenant and His desire to save were so great that he would revive His people once more, shepherd them with compassion, cleanse them of all their defilement, reconstitute them as a perfect expression of his kingdom under the hand of “David” (34:23-24), overwhelm all the forces and powers arrayed against them, display His glory among the nations and restore the glory of His presence to the holy city.

In this blog post, I get the special privilege of writing about a beautiful friend of mine. She is an inspiration not only to me, but to her family, friends and peers. I’m feeling the need to add in a #worldchanger there!
She has asked to be kept anonymous, so I’ll just be calling her Hayley in this post.

After being friends with Hayley for quite some time, I decided it was about time I invited her to my youth, i60, at Discovery church to see our awesome youth pastor preach on taking a leap of faith into our faith journey with God. Hayley said that if she was honest, she felt in a sense out of place at i60 because everyone was praising God and embracing His presence. But, although she was feeling slightly awkward at i60 the first couple of times she attended, Hayley knew that becoming in a deeper relationship with God was something she wanted.

After going to i60 a few times, she started feeling more and more comfortable and at home. She says that now she looks back on it, persistence was a huge key for her in her journey. She could have easily just said, “I’m not feeling a touch from God, so there’s no point in me coming back.” No, she persisted in coming back every week until she got what she wanted. And guess what? She got that touch! On a school camp in a tent of all places! Hayley said it was an unreal feeling that she’d never experienced before.

Last weekend we went on Revival Camp with i60 youth for the weekend, which a big group of my friends went to, including Hayley and myself. Revival Camp is pretty much just a youth camp, but a lot better than what the simple “Youth Camp” would generally sound like. Revival Camp was a milestone for, I’m sure, almost everyone that went to the camp. Hayley’s experience at revival camp was just amazing for her, and a blessing to hear too.

Hayley said that before she went on camp she was doubtful, and felt that there were some chains holding her back from being in the relationship she wanted with God. During camp, she was prayed for by some youth leaders, and slowly felt the chains coming off and doubt being washed away during the Friday and Saturday nights.

Now after camp, Hayley is in an amazing relationship with God, and she feels she is in exactly the right place that she needs to be and that God wants her to be in. She is already making an impact on people with her gorgeous, bubbly personality, and is so on fire for God! She has certainly inspired and encouraged me and is going to inspire so many people in the future. She has a huge and amazing future ahead of her.

I want you to be encouraged as you are reading this that by simply taking a step of faith, and then persisting in the things you want to do in the future, can have a huge impact on not just your life, but the lives of others.

I believe YOU were BORN a leader.


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